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And the winner!

I was delighted to learn I’d been anonymously nominated for Wealth & Finance International 's management consultancy awards’ PR & Media Trainer of the Year 2023 (UK).

When the awards committee wrote to me to ask whether I’d accept the nomination, I didn’t hesitate to reply ‘yes’ and, overjoyed, I took to linked in to thank whoever it was who had put me up for it. (I’m still clueless as to who it was - if you’re reading this blog post - thank you again).

With many fine PR’s and media trainers out there, I thought the chances of actually winning were slim, so I'm doubly overjoyed to learn that I have won.

A very huge thank you to my daughter, family, friends and colleagues for their fantastic support. Special thanks also to all the clients I’ve been honoured to work for and with over the years.

After the difficulties that the COVID lockdowns delivered, forcing me to close my studios, lose work, relocate away from London, my home of 40 years to reduce overheads and having to completely reimagine how I work, there were times when I couldn’t contemplate ever being in a position to be nominated, let alone win an award.

But after the setbacks from the pandemic, I was determined to comeback stronger. I invested a lot of time and effort into modifying my methods for online delivery and thanks to clients in Canada, USA and Europe, I’ve succeeded.

I’m hoping winning this award will assist in generating new business opportunities - so if you think I can help - please do get in touch.

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